Dye Sublimation

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What is Dye-Sublimation?

Simply Put: Heat and pressure is used to convert a dye from a solid, to a gas, back to a solid within a chosen medium; in this case, powder coated metal.

Using a Patented process, Artisan/Penway can sublimate wood grain, granite, marble, or any image you can imagine, into aluminum or steel. Durable to the elements, elegant to the eye, dye-sublimation allows the user to create anything they can imagine, installers to install easily and efficiently and the end user to enjoy a product that looks exactly like what they want.

Impressions that Last

Your custom design or chosen texture is professionally applied to steel or aluminum generating a durable and vibrant presentation. There are no laminates or films which peel, scratch or fog up. These finishes are exceptional in appearance and provide durable performance in harsh exterior environments.
This ultra durable finish offered by Penway is fused directly into the substrate creating a beautiful embedded image. This highly durable finish is resistant to abrasion, humidity, corrosion, and sunlight.


Important docs to get you DyeSub project started
DyeSub Submission Specifications<br /> Color Match Sheet – Generic

Embedded Finish

Window Frame
Textured Building Panels
Custom Designed Kiosks
Custom Roofing
Branded Elements
Wall Facades

Perfect For

Outside Signage
Construction Signage
Custom Fabrication
Large Scale Installations
Museum and Park Signs
Decorative Finishing
Store Fronts & Awnings